Era Protocol


The governmental token empowering Era Protocol users
Name: Era Protocol Escrowed Token
Ticker: xERA
Chain: zkSync Era
Contract: TBA
xERA is a non-transferable escrowed governance token, corresponding to locked ERA. It can be earned from direct $ERA conversion. The redemption process to convert xERA to ERA implies farming, the duration of which is selected by the user. The conversion ratio will increase proportionally with the locking duration:
  • The minimum locking duration of 3 months will provide a 1:0.5 ratio
  • The maximum locking duration of 6 months will provide a 1:1 ratio
As the government token of Era Protocol, holders of $xERA will be a member of ERA DAO and earn the power to contribute to every decision made in Era Protocol. This power is narrowed down to four main cases:
  • Voting rights for projects launching on ERA Launchpad
  • Used for boost staking APY
  • Get shared revenue of Era Protocol
  • Guarantee slots for buying IDO tokens on ERA launchpad at a lower price than IDO price (Private Round)