Real-yield Farming

The next generation of DeFi 3.0

Real-yield Farming has emerged as a crucial term in DeFi 3.0, with the advent of various projects in 2022. Investors are lured by the attractive yield offered in the decentralized world. Era Protocol rewards long-term users of the protocol with real APY, which comes in the form of revenue share and xERA.

Era Protocol has established real-yield farming pools for $ERA holders to stake and begin farming with significant APY. Under this model, users who hold ERA tokens can earn rewards by farming ERA tokens, with the APY varying depending on real-time ratio.

Furthermore, users can benefit from revenue generated by Era Protocol. All the revenue made by Era Protocol will be used as a reward pool for staking.

xERA tokens will be distributed to users as a guarantee for staking ERA at a specific ratio. Users can use xERA to increase the APY of other staking pools.

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