A guaranteed rewarding mechanism for retroactive users.

Retroactive rewards have taken the Web3 world by storm since late 2022, with many notable projects adopting this approach to attract new users. By offering incentives and rewards proportional to the effort expended in completing certain tasks, retroactive models have freed users from the fear of losing their investment in the volatile cryptocurrency market, while creating a new avenue for earning passive income.

However, retroactive campaigns come with their own uncertainties, and participants are not always guaranteed to receive rewards, leading to wasted time and gas fees. To address these concerns, Era Protocol has proposed a solution that allows users to commit themselves to retroactive campaigns by depositing a certain amount of money in exchange for a guaranteed NFT Ticket. All revenue from the sale of the NFT will be deposited into the retroactive pool, which will serve two purposes: Era Protocol's revenue and Refund for users (in both cases: being qualified and unqualified for the airdrop).

For retroactive winners, 70% of total rewards will be airdropped to them under token form.

For retroactive unchosen, they will receive a refund based on the value of guaranteed NFT, rather than losing everything as is common in other retroactive campaigns.

By offering this level of transparency and security, Era Protocol aims to create a more accessible and equitable retroactive model for users seeking to participate in Web3 projects.

NFT Era Ticket:

The NFT Era Ticket serves as your pass to join the Era Protocol Retroactive campaign, available for purchase at a particular price. Each NFT ensures your participation in the retroactive campaign and contributes to the shared reward pool. You can also trade this NFT with other users on the marketplace.

Note: The NFT Era Ticket obtained as a reward in the Airdrop Campaign on May 18 has a similar function and use case as the regular NFT Era Ticket. The only distinction is that the airdropped NFTs are non-tradable.

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