Era Protocol


Era Protocol is a decentralized platform for Web3 projects that leverages the zkSync Era, designed with retroactive, launchpad and DeFi 3.0 with real-yield farming features. The platform is designed to provide crowdfunding and access to the Web3 community, both users and investors. Built on the prominent and fast-developing Layer 2 based on Ethereum - zkSync, Era Protocol aims to foster the development of potential zkSync projects by providing them with necessary services.

As part of its grand vision, Era Protocol introduces a brand new way of rewarding users with its safeguard retroactive program. Early members can enjoy exclusive privileges to attend the launchpad and DeFi real yield farming. This mechanism creates a bridge between the community and zkSync, unlocking more opportunities for everyone to earn passive income and access various Web3 projects since the early stages.

Era Protocol is committed to decentralization, transparency, and community-centered values that blockchain always aims to create. Era Protocol is set to build and form its ecosystem, creating a robust, dynamic, and safe environment for both community and projects to meet and develop. By combining the most attractive features of crypto, Era Protocol will introduce a new era for Web3 technology.


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